Welcome to the Henry County Community Foundation

Our organization is headquartered in Napoleon, Ohio. The purpose of the Henry County Community Foundation is to serve our community by providing a stable organization that facilitates programs and growth of charitable organizations, encourages charitable gifts and provides expertise and resources to donors to make permanent endowments that improve the quality of life for the citizens of Henry County by meeting the changing needs of the communities now and in the future. The Henry County Community Foundation has a 501(C)3 IRS designation for tax purposes. Contributions made to the Henry County Community Foundation are tax deductible. There are 18 Trustees from the county serving on our board of directors. We are affiliated with the Toledo Community Foundation. This provides all our investments, accounting, and professional assistance to donors.

The Henry County Foundation was started 1986. Scholarships and Grants worth over $150,000 have been awarded since that time. The foundation has a permanent endowment of over $350,000.

This foundation is made up of a family of foundations. Five of the foundations provide scholarship and five funds provide grants to community projects. You too may express your philanthropic interests by investing in the Henry County Community Foundation’s unrestricted fund or by establishing a fund of your own which expresses how you wish to improve the quality of life in Henry County. You may also choose to give to one of the already established funds. Grants are awarded through the interest earned from the endowment. Increasing the size of the endowment insures that dollars will always be available to improve the quality of life in Henry County.

Community Foundations like the HCCF are unique in being able to meet donor’s wishes to support any organization, program, or identified need in the community.

People give through the Henry County Community Foundation not to the Henry County Community Foundation. What is important to the donor is important to the foundation. The foundation will work with donors to provide for their interest, scholarship or organization.

Donors can call the Henry County Community Foundation Executive Director, Dusty Sonnenberg, at 419-966-7181 or by sending an email to dustysonnenberg@hotmail.com.

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